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Southern Sound Quartet
6340 Spera Pointe Crossing,
Nashville, TN 37076

During the 1950’s and 60’s, Southern Gospel quartet music raced to the forefront with great groups like the Statesmen and the Blackwoods. Now, since those original roots of Southern Gospel Music, the art form we now call Southern Gospel Music, has widened its scope by including strong influences from other music forms such as country and bluegrass. Sadly, much of that truly golden era has been lost, as has the style and artistry that was the hallmark of that genre of southern gospel talent. The oft-heard comment is that there are very few, true traditional southern gospel male quartets to be found anymore.

Well, I would like to introduce you to five men who seem determined on reviving that polished style of quartet singing, and the real bonus is they’re doing it for all the right reasons, serving Christ through a ministry of song and testimony. They of course, sing great, but their testimony is powerful and inspiring too. They sing with what can only be described as excellence in music and exuberance in presentation. To get the full impact of these men you must, without doubt, hear and see them face-to-face. I can tell you, I can find no fault in either their testimony or their very talented presentation in song. I once personally believed the golden age of Southern Gospel to be an era gone by. I am now rethinking those beliefs, for Southern Sound makes it all so fresh, alive and vibrant. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Southern Sound, and gospel music may never be the same again:

This brief overview is simply a thumbnail sketch of what Southern Sound is really all about. In a word, Southern Sound Quartet is classy! They are deeply rooted in traditional Southern Gospel, four-part close harmony and in the testimony that Christ is Lord. I was fortunate to hear the group recently at a large church near my home, and they were indeed breathtaking. I lost count of the standing ovations they received that evening from a packed church, quite accustomed to hearing the finest southern gospel has to offer. The concert I attended will stay with me for quite some time, but even now, I hunger for more. Southern Sound’s attitude, infectious enthusiasm, stage presence, and fine sense of spirit filled music, makes a concert by Southern Sound one to be cherished for a very long while. The guys have appeared on the National Quartet Convention, Southern Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductance Ceremony, Gospel Music Television, Brush Arbor Jubilee, Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, Paul Heil’s Gospel Greats, Lake Country Jubilee, Southern Gospel Quartet Reunion, and countless personal appearances from Michigan to Florida and from Texas to Pennsylvania. They are refreshing, super talented, and simply a joy to listen to. These five great talents come together forming a truly magical work of musical art. Their sound is unique tight harmonies telling of the joy in serving the Lord. Take my word, you really need to hear SOUTHERN SOUND. And, southern gospel music may well be in for a very thrilling ride.

Written by Bruce Dees, Nashville, TN, and reprinted by permission.

Radio Singles

Wait Till You See My New Home
Headin’ Home
If Everybody Prayed
Let Your Love
Happy To Say
Jordan’s Swelling Tide
When We’re Called Away
What A Morning That Will Be
You Must Make Up Your Mind Today
Heaven Is Better Than This

Current Albums

Sailing Smooth
Through The Years
Reflections…A Tribute
For Heaven’s Sake

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